St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

harrington park, new jersey



Pastor Diane

The Rev. Diane Lynn Rhodes served as our interim priest from 2007 until 2010 when she became our Priest-in-Charge in May of that year, and our Rector in April 2013. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago, Fairleigh Dickinson University (MBA) and Drew University Theological School (MDiv).

The Leadership team of St. Andrew's consists of the Rector, two Wardens, the Treasurer and up to ten Vestry members. In the Episcopal Church, the Wardens and Vestry are lay - i.e., non-clergy - members of the parish who are elected to serve in a capacity akin to that of a board of directors.)

Leadership Team


The Rev. Diane L. Rhodes


Amy Szurly (2018)
Tim Wong (2019)

Class of 2018

Joan Schmidt
Lisa Degnan
Peter Deubler

Class of 2019

Bonnie Bryant
Helen Petrosio

Class of 2020

Barbara Djimopoulos
Anne Kruger
Christine Barnhardt


Peter Deubler


Vestry Note

Kevin Wagner(2018) is taking a year's leave of absence from the vestry and will return to complete his term in the following year.



Two members of the parish are elected to serve as the Wardens. The role of the Warden is to work closely with and to support the Rector, and to provide overall leadership in the congregation. The Wardens provide leadership by identifying and working to advance the vision, mission and goals of the congregation.


The Vestry, together with the Rector and Wardens, is responsible for the ongoing operations of the parish, including the maintenance and up keep of the property and approval of expenditures. Even more, the Vestry develops the mission and goals of St. Andrew's, setting our direction or ministry in the world.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate records of the financial transactions of the parish. The Treasurer is also responsible for ensuring that cash receipts and disbursements are appropriate and accurately recorded.

Come and see!

Vestry Meetings

The Rector, Wardens, and Vestry meet on the second Sunday of each month. Parishioners are invited to join us at our Vestry meetings. We welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions.